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One Destination, 32 Spectacular Caribbean Islands

Lush rainforests, eco-adventures, idyllic beaches, colorful coral reefs, turquoise water. You can find all of it in St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Yachting, scuba diving, nature hiking, and relaxation are all common attractions this destination has to offer. Let our villa specialists help you find your dream St. Vincent and The Grenadines vacation rental.

St. Vincent and The Grenadines Activities

Let our specialists help point you in the direction of unforgettable adventures . Drop anchor in a turquoise lagoon or secluded bay on your yacht excursion. Enjoying tranquil seas are a peaceful way to discover your own island and claim your square of white sand beach for the day. You’ll find natural anchorages, protected cays, specialist marine services and managed moorings on an excursion booked from the comfort of your St. Vincent and The Grenadines villa. Guests of the area enjoy watersports of every flavor. The expansive marine life offers fantastic opportunities for both scuba diving and snorkeling while the constant sea breeze is a fast way to kite surf.  In fact, St. Vincent is known as the ‘Critter Capital of the Caribbean’, most likely due to the currents combining (from the Atlantic and Caribbean seas). Experience the water from the water level and enjoy a kayak adventure. Nature lovers will relish in the opportunities just a short distance from your St. Vincent and The Grenadines vacation rental. Enjoy hiking volcanoes and rainforests, bird watch, and view tropical flora and fauna. Owia Salt Pond, located on the north eastern coast of St. Vincent (village of Owia) is an attraction that can’t be missed. Bath in a real live aquarium of reef fish and coral.

When to Go

Ideal times to visit your St. Vincent and the Grenadines vacation rental is from May to June and November. Peak season is typically December through April when the islands lure European visitors to the warmer Caribbean temperatures.

Travel Tips

  • Ask about service fees. Expect 10-15% service charge added to most bills. Be sure to ask if gratuity is included in your service fee.
  • If you are traveling during peak season, let us help you plan ahead.
  • Wearing camouflage attire is prohibited throughout the islands (police wear this pattern).
  • Don’t touch the Manchineel trees as they are poisonous! (Also, don’t eat one of their apple-like fruits).
  • Pirates did live there! Today no one will grab your loot, but visit Walliabou Bay and see backdrops from The Pirates of the Caribbean.