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Chic and Relaxing – the French Couture of St. Martin

St. Martin vacation rentals draw inspiration from European roots and features world class French cuisine, chic boutique fashion, and an overall elegant opulence. As a guest of the island, enjoy a private chef creating a private masterpiece in your gourmet kitchen or select from the many sumptuous restaurants in all of the Caribbean. Savor a stroll through the worldly markets or relax on a secluded beach.

Saint-Martin villas highlight the island surroundings. St. Martin villas boasting pools with fantastic ocean views, properties with prominent sun decks, living spaces that blend both the indoors and outdoors. Villa properties on St. Martin are both large and small to accommodate your romantic getaway or large group function.


St. Martin vacation rentals have something for everyone: sunbathing, sports, swimming, cuisine and relaxation. Since this phenomenal island is located where the Atlantic kisses the Caribbean, watersports are common. You’ll find surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, sea scootering, kitesurfing, water-skiing, kayaking, sailing and deep-sea fishing excursions easily.

Looking for something other than water? Book an excursion from your St. Martin villa rental to see the ‘natural riches’ of the island. Discover hidden places on the island on walks, horseback, and bicycle tours. You’ll be able to take in all the landscapes, historic landmarks, traditional buildings and history among the locals. Golfers will enjoy the Mullet Bay Golf Course (18 hole, par 70) sitting on the edge of the Bay (Dutch side). Adventure and leisure can combine on a paragliding or skydiving trip – allowing you to take in the view of the island from top down!

St. Martin is also known for world-class shopping. As the only destination in the French West Indies that can claim tax-free status, you’ll unbeatable prices on vast items with no customs duties. The French side of the island features couture fashion boutiques and the West Indies Mall on the Marigot waterfront. The Marina and Rue du Général de Gaulle are also a must visit for every fashionista.

While your St. Martin vacation rental may feature a fantastic chef's kitchen, be sure to get out and sample the island 's melting pot of gourmet cuisine. You can easily find fish, lobster, shellfish, mouthwatering meats all served with local Creole spices along with tropical fruits your taste buds will savor. Authentic and fusion flavors will be punctuated with traditional décor in cozy bistros, traditional eateries and beach cantinas alike.

The Dutch side of the island has an abundant night life. Trendy bars and dance halls open as the sun sets. The sun won’t set you out in one of the fifteen casinos – they will welcome you at all hours!


Please Note: The French side of the island is a liberal sunbathing destination where topless sunbathing is common.

The island is home to over 70km of coastline. Each one of the 37 beaches has a uniqueness to that diversifies itself from the rest; many of them are among the finest across the Caribbean. Take in the sunset at La Samanna’s bar off Baie Longue (Long Bay), dip your toes in the colored sand of Bai Rouge (Red Bay), or visit Travelers’ Choice #3 beach at Grand Case. There is a beach for everyone at St. Martin.

When to go

The best time to visit Saint Martin is December – April. The off-season is also rainy and hurricane season (late May – mid-November). Temperatures remain steady year round and range from 93°F (34°C) down to about 68°F (20°C). Average sea temperature ranges between 78 -81°F.

The best time to visit our St. Martin vacation rentals and experience sunny days every day is to travel between December and April. If privacy is what you are looking for, visit out St. Martin villa rentals between May –November.

Travel Tips

  • St. Martin is on Atlantic Time (1 hour ahead of New York).
  • Electricity generally depends on the side of the island, French side is at 220v European sockets while the Dutch is 110v American sockets. Check with your villa specialist to determine if you’ll need adapters.
  • English is widely spoken on both sides of the island while Dutch/French are spoken in government and school. Spanish, Creole and Papiamento are also widely spoken.
  • The Euro (French side) and Florin (Dutch side) are the official currencies, though the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted.